30 August 2019

We love our fabricators

For the final instalment of our Fabrication Series, where we celebrate the skill of the people who create our furniture, we'd like to introduce Martin Bocking. Working out of Letchworth Garden City where the vast majority of our pieces are manufactured, Martin is fundamental to the quality of our collection at every stage. From the first scribble of an idea through to a gleaming product ready to be shipped, Jennifer Newman Studio depends on his knowledge of the material to know what is possible and to try new things. But equally, his skill as a craftsman to weld and finish the pieces by hand is second to none.
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Work in PROGRESS...
an insight into Ping-pong Production

One of the latest projects Martin has been is working on is a Bespoke Ping-Pong Angle Table.
Below is the full length playing table just after it has been welded together in our Letchworth workshop. It will now be filed smooth until every join is seamless.
Now finished, the Ping-Pong Angle Table will complete a short journey to the powder-coaters for a high quality RAL coating of the clients choosing.
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