Alfresco Bench

Bold design language and solid construction is our trademark combo and Alfresco is one of the pieces that set the standard. 

Made from a solid a stainless steel frame, it’s an all-rounder statement piece that slots in well on terraces, in restaurants, work canteens or even contemporary residential settings. Plus, the cantilevered ends are wheelchair accessible. 

If you've always wanted more colour for outside, Alfresco Bench's new metal surfaces let you have just that, with a durable powder-coat in a specially selected JN colour or any RAL Classic colour. 

Inside? With a palette of colours to choose from Alfresco-Bench looks just as good with a birch ply top.

Handmade individually in our workshop
  • For outside and inside use
  • Terraces - Public Spaces - Canteens - Office Breakout Areas
Key Features
  • Tough, hard-wearing materials
  • Easily accessed benches
  • Wheelchair access
  • Handmade in our workshop
Frame specification
Brushed stainless steel with a fingerprint & stain resistant coating

Surface specification
For outside or inside use:
  • Stainless steel with polyester powdercoat finish
For inside use:
  • Birch ply with clear or tinted lacquer
5 years provided the product is well maintained and does not suffer abuse (see warranty conditions and maintenance sheets).

  • British manufacture
  • FISP accredited
  • Demountable for re-use or recycling
  • 60% recycled stainless steel
EU Design Reg No. 004736437-0001 to -0008
The legs are brushed stainless steel. 
For the metal surface, our specially selected colours are as follows, but any RAL Classic colour can be chosen:
WOOD COLOURS (inside only)
Ply surfaces, for inside use only, are available clear lacquered or colour tinted:
  • Bolt-down lugs
  • Parasol hole
  • Anti-bacterial surfaces

  • 2000 x 1450 x 750mm h (seats 8) 
  • 2400 x 1450 x 750mm h (seats 10)
(Seat heights 450mm)
A terrace with a view of St Pauls is only improved with a few Alfresco perches.
(Please note that wooden surfaces are no longer supplied for outdoor use.)
Image credit: News group UK
Alfresco’s stainless steel frame is a natural fit for city terraces.
(Please note that wooden surfaces are no longer supplied for outdoor use.)
Image credit: CLS, Hammersmith


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