Form-Mobile has the best of our design DNA: striking simplicity of form, optional modular accessories like power and data outlets, cable tray or shelving, and a tactile, industrial steel finish that demands to be touched. It's found its way into many a tech start-up though we're not prescriptive about where it should go: this is a practical piece that can do it all.
1600 x 800 x 750mm 

Bespoke sizes are also available.
A variation of the form mobile with the additional foot rests which double up as handy storage rack for bags and office clutter. The castors, power and data are optional.

Dimensions:1600x800x750 (mm)
The Form-Tall can be used as a standing desk or offering as a communal space to meet, greet and enjoy a coffee over. The castors, power and data are optional.

Dimensions: 2400x800x1050 (mm)
                 2000x800x1050 (mm)

The Form-Round can either stand alone or cluster together these low level coffee tables provide plenty of room to pile up the magazines or sit with a laptop. Power and data is optional.

Dimensions: Dia.900x450 & Dia.600x430 (mm)


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