Stak-Duo (right) and green Stak-Pot
Non-rust planter
Suitable for indoor | outdoor

Stak-Duo has been designed to bring height to indoor and outdoor spaces by lifting plants up from the floor to eyeline level. The separate top planter allows you to elevate smaller scale plants to a more dramatic scale and when used in groups will help to zone breakout areas or moveable partitions within open plan offices and restaurant spaces.

The top planter can be easily removed for access to the lower storage compartment which can be used to hide maintenance tools and other items that need to be hidden during business hours.

Stak-Duo planters are made entirely from lightweight aluminium and powder-coated to allow for a long-life and easy cleaning and maintenance. Castor wheels mean Stak-Duo can be easily moved for plant care or storage.

Unlimited RAL colour options are available for bespoke design and branding. 

300dia x 620mm h.

Product Data Sheet Downloads (see below) give:
  • material specifications
  • optional extras
  • warranty
  • standard colours
Stak-Duo (right) and green Stak-Pot
                                                        Salmon (RAL 3013) and Pale Green (RAL 6021)
                                                  Deep Cream (BS 353 ) and Light Blue (BS 18 C 35)
                                               Stak-Duo's base is a planter in it's own right.
Stak-Duo with lower storage access


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