New product – Slab Table & Bench

Introducing our latest product, our Slab Table & Bench. Simple and comprehensive in design the Slab Table and Bench is made from sustainable bamboo with a tough white-lacquer finish to withstand heavy use in demanding working environments. The carefully balanced proportions and the clean easy aesthetic make this the perfect choice for canteens, breakout areas and restaurants.

On site assembly makes for ease of delivery overcoming any access restrictions.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

From all of us here at Jennifer Newman Studio we would like to wish everyone a very, very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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New product launched – Huddle Table

Introducing our latest product, the Huddle Table. Practical and versatile, this robust functional mobile table addresses the need for tall work surfaces whilst the heavy-duty locking castors provide effortless mobility.

Crafted from recycled steel and solid birch ply, the tough steel base is protected with a hard-wearing lacquer and exposes the raw nature of the manufacturing process. The solid birch ply surface is sealed with a high-grade lacquer enabling years of wear.

Huddle Table is built for groups to either stand or sit around using high stools.

Available in standard sizes of either 2000 or 2400 x 800 x 1050mm h the Huddle Table is also available in customised sizes on request.

An excellent choice for office breakout spaces, creative studios and teaching spaces, the Huddle Table offers complete versatility and is ideal for spaces where layouts are constantly changing.

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Edge Table & Bench – European Oak surface

Newly launched is the Edge Table & Benches with a beautiful European Oak surface, which really adds to the character of the product and shows off all the features of organic wood.

The European Oak slats can be either natural European Oak (pictured) or with a dark stain to enhance the colour of the legs. Both options are suitable for inside and outside uses and have our standard 10 year warranty.

Although we manufacture bespoke sizes on request, our standard sizes of our Edge Tables are 1800 or 2400 x 750 x 750mm h. The standard sizes of the benches are 1800 or 2400 x 350 x 450mm h.

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Triangle Stool

Introducing our latest product, the Triangle Stool. Designed for inside and outside use, the Triangle Stool is manufactured from recycled aluminium and can be powder-coated in any chosen RAL colour.

Measuring 460mm wide (on all three sides) x 450mm high the Triangle Stool also has a central hole so it can easily be lifted and moved around.

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Bespoke product and Trestle Tables delivered to London offices

During a recent installation to a central London location, our client asked for several long bespoke tables with legs pointing inwards.

We designed and delivered bespoke tables that were 6000 x 1400 x 750mm high which were split into three surfaces to make sure the tables could be installed onto the 5th floor as access was tight. The tables were manufactured with clear lacquered solid birch ply surfaces and the legs were aluminium with no powder-coat but a clear lacquer to give it the industrial feel.

Along with the bespoke tables the client ordered several of our more standard products such as our Tall Trestle Tables. These were 3000 x 1200 x 1050mm high and also had a clear lacquered solid birch ply surface. The Trestle Tables were powder-coated in a variety of different colours including Traffic Red and Pure White, both pictured.

Although we offer power and data modules with in-leg cable shields with all our inside products, on this occasion the client decided they didn’t require that option with this order.

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Edge Table and Benches delivered to Chicago

Image below of our Edge Table and Benches which were recently delivered and installed to Chicago. The Edge Table was one of our standard sizes 1800 x 750 m 750mm high whilst the Benches were 1800 x 350 x 750mm h.

All the aluminium legs and frames were powder-coated in RAL 3020 Traffic Red and the surface was clear lacquered European Oak.

Our Edge range is designed to go either inside or outside and on this occasion they were placed in a vibrant inside breakout space.

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A-Frames and Edge Table Benches installed next to iconic location

A recent installation of our A-Frame Benches and Edge Benches, in various colours and sizes, had them situated next to a very iconic London landmark.

The all aluminium, one piece A-Frames were all standard sizes and the powder-coat colours varied between standard and non-standard RAL colours. All the A-Frames had the bolt-down lug option so the client could bolt them all down on the surfaces.

The client required more outside seating for the terrace spaces and opted for our Edge Table Benches to increase the seating capacity. The Edge Benches were 1800 x 350 x 450mm h and had a dark stained European Oak surface. The legs were powder-coated in a variety of colours including Traffic Red, White Aluminium and Lemon Yellow.

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Studio Table installation

One of our most recent installations was an order for our Studio Tables with a variety of custom sizes and heights. The surfaces were clear lacquered solid birch ply whilst the legs and stiffeners were steel legs with a clear lacquer giving the tables a real industrial feel.

Sizes varied from 2000 x 2000 x 1050mm h up to 7200 x 1200 x 750mm h. Many of the tables had power and data modules and for several of the tables the client specified castors to give the tables flexibility within the workplace should they require to move the tables.

Several of the Studio Tables installed had power and data modules integrated within the table surfaces and the in-leg cable shields, which easily clipped on the inside of the legs, sealed and covered the wires for complete cable management meaning no wires were visible underneath the tables or down the legs.

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Angle Table

This photoshoot showcases our Angle Table beautifully. The Angle Table, manufactured with recycled aluminium and handmade by British manufacturers, was 2600 x 900 x 750mm h and powder-coated in RAL 9010 pure white.

The Angle table pictured is not a standard size table as we can manufacture all our products to bespoke sizes to suit the client specification.

Lead times and prices may vary on bespoke products.

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