February Newsletter


2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Jennifer Newman Studio and we’re only a month in. There are product launches in the pipeline, a number of special events planned, and exciting developments within our business to share with you very soon. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what we’ve got going on this very minute…


One of the most satisfying parts of our job is to see Jennifer Newman furniture in a happy home, especially if it’s been specified by a respected design agency like MoreySmith. We caught up with design director, Nicola Osborn, to chat about the future of workplace design and how our products fit into two recent MoreySmith projects – the European HQ for Coca-Cola and 8 Hanover Square.

Is there a common thread through MoreySmith interiors? 

We work on a wide range of projects including workplace, residential and lifestyle, but the common thread is that people are always at the heart of our designs.

How does Jennifer Newman’s furniture fit into your overall aesthetic? 

Our designs vary to meet each client’s aspirations and we do not have a “house style” but Jennifer Newman’s furniture always provides a strong, clean and contemporary aesthetic, with the added benefit of customisation.

Can you tell us a bit about the recent projects that feature JN pieces and why you chose them? 

MoreySmith designed Coca-Cola’s new European headquarters in Central London. The project involved the relocation of 300-plus employees, and the full refurbishment of a 1920s building set over four floors. Alongside a wide range of flexible workspaces, there is a vibrant café where the Block table and benches allowed our bespoke colour palette throughout the space, providing strong additions throughout the space. For the workspaces at 8 Hanover Square, we used the Trestle table and Trolley storage to provide spaces for collaborative knowledge sharing and cross-team working. Bespoke sizes provided a great solution for our layout and agile strategy.

What first struck you about JN’s products? 

Simplicity of the style, beautiful detailing and contemporary longevity.

What trends can we expect from workplace design in 2018? 

The power of good design can no longer be underestimated, with an increasing focus on wellbeing and lifestyle driven by talent attraction and retension. Technology will continue to influence both our home and work spaces, allowing these environments to become more intelligent and responsive.

Photo credit: Jamie McGregor Smith


The welders in our factory are hard at work on the newest addition to Jennifer Newman Studio’s collection: Square. As with all of our pieces, Square isn’t fussy. It’s constructed of steel and it’s stackable – meaning it can take a few knocks. What’s more, it’s designed with cafes and canteens in mind but could work in pretty much any environment.

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