Ex-display products for sale

Ex-display and prototype products available to take away from our showroom. Please contact us for prices.

Huddle Table 2000 x 800 x 1050mm h. Ply lacquer protected surface / power & data with in-leg cable management / braking castors. 


Alfresco Bench 2400 x 1450 x 750mm h. Lacquered steel / natural iroko.

Slab table 2300 x 700 x 750mm h and bench 2300 x 700 x 450mm h. Solid whitened bamboo. 


Form table 1200 x 750 x 750mm h and chair prototype. 


Solo desk 1000 x 700 x 750mm h. Incorporating power and data. 


Utility table 1600 x 800 x 750mm h. No castors / white laminate surface with exposed ply edges. 


Triangle table 1200 x 1050 x 750mm h. RAL6021 pale green

Gap desk 1200 x 800 x 750mm h. White powder-coated metal / cable management tray.


Angle bench 1600 x 400 x 450mm h. Aluminium suitable for outside use / RAL 7033 cement grey

Cafe tables 800 x 800 x 740mm h. White or grey aluminium suitable for outside / stacking.

Mobile bench / coffee table 1200 x 400 x 470mm h. White powder-coated aluminium / braking castors.

February Newsletter


2018 is shaping up to be a great year for Jennifer Newman Studio and we’re only a month in. There are product launches in the pipeline, a number of special events planned, and exciting developments within our business to share with you very soon. In the meantime, here’s a taste of what we’ve got going on this very minute…


One of the most satisfying parts of our job is to see Jennifer Newman furniture in a happy home, especially if it’s been specified by a respected design agency like MoreySmith. We caught up with design director, Nicola Osborn, to chat about the future of workplace design and how our products fit into two recent MoreySmith projects – the European HQ for Coca-Cola and 8 Hanover Square.

Is there a common thread through MoreySmith interiors? 

We work on a wide range of projects including workplace, residential and lifestyle, but the common thread is that people are always at the heart of our designs.

How does Jennifer Newman’s furniture fit into your overall aesthetic? 

Our designs vary to meet each client’s aspirations and we do not have a “house style” but Jennifer Newman’s furniture always provides a strong, clean and contemporary aesthetic, with the added benefit of customisation.

Can you tell us a bit about the recent projects that feature JN pieces and why you chose them? 

MoreySmith designed Coca-Cola’s new European headquarters in Central London. The project involved the relocation of 300-plus employees, and the full refurbishment of a 1920s building set over four floors. Alongside a wide range of flexible workspaces, there is a vibrant café where the Block table and benches allowed our bespoke colour palette throughout the space, providing strong additions throughout the space. For the workspaces at 8 Hanover Square, we used the Trestle table and Trolley storage to provide spaces for collaborative knowledge sharing and cross-team working. Bespoke sizes provided a great solution for our layout and agile strategy.

What first struck you about JN’s products? 

Simplicity of the style, beautiful detailing and contemporary longevity.

What trends can we expect from workplace design in 2018? 

The power of good design can no longer be underestimated, with an increasing focus on wellbeing and lifestyle driven by talent attraction and retension. Technology will continue to influence both our home and work spaces, allowing these environments to become more intelligent and responsive.

Photo credit: Jamie McGregor Smith


The welders in our factory are hard at work on the newest addition to Jennifer Newman Studio’s collection: Square. As with all of our pieces, Square isn’t fussy. It’s constructed of steel and it’s stackable – meaning it can take a few knocks. What’s more, it’s designed with cafes and canteens in mind but could work in pretty much any environment.

Tall Trestle Table & Tall Trolley installation

Images from a recent installation where the client ordered several Tall Trestle Tables in a variety of sizes, all with surface mounted power and data modules with in-leg cable management shields to hide the wires.

There were a variety of Tall Trestle Table sizes including our standard sized 3600 x 900 x 1050m high which meant they had two solid birch ply surfaces joined together (for easy access and installation to site) and one central supporting leg. The leg RAL colours varied from table to table as did the colour surface of the solid birch ply. Some surfaces had a white laminate with exposed birch ply edging, whilst other surfaces were a dramatic dark stain finish.

Also within the order was a quantity of our Trolleys which we customised to the clients request. We increased the height from 740mm high to 900mm high to fit perfectly under our Tall Trestle Tables. The Trolleys have adjustable shelves and are on heavy-duty lockable castors so easy to move around if required. The Trolleys are perfect for storing paper, files and boxes.

This order once again demonstrates how we can modify all our products to suits the clients specifications.

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Angle Tables and Benches installed both inside and outside

During a recent installation the versatility of the Angle Table and Benches is highlighted by the client ordering sets for both their inside and outside spaces for this London based office breakout area, therefore continuing a theme throughout the specific areas.

The Angle Tables and Benches were our standard sizes and as seen in the images were powder-coated in various different RAL colours to add to the uniqueness of the breakout area.

Our Angle Tables and Benches are carefully handmade using British manufacturers and are made using recycled aluminium.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Block Table and Benches installation

Image from a recent installation of our Block Tables and Benches took which were placed in a wonderful outside space. The Block Tables were our standard size of 2300 x 700 x 750mm h and had the natural stained European Oak surface, whilst the legs were power-coated in RAL 9001 cream to compliment the surface and surroundings.

The Block Benches were 1900 x 300 x 450mm h and had the same specification as the Block Tables.

Our Block Tables can have the natural or dark stained European Oak surface while the legs can be powder-coated in any specified RAL colour.

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Club Table delivered to Dorset

Our popular Club Table and Club Benches have recently been delivered successfully to a client in Dorset.

On this occasion the Club Table was 3500 x 1000 x 750mm h, another bespoke size, with a solid bamboo surface which had to be manufactured in two parts due to the size and weight of the table. The natural bamboo was 40mm thick and had a clear lacquer on it to protect it. The legs were powder-coated in RAL 7043 Traffic Grey which really complimented the space.

There was a mixture of Club Bench lengths manufactured to order to suit the table. These were 2800 x 345 x 450mm h in a one piece length and the other Club Benches were 1400 x 345 x 450mm h which were placed alongside each other to add flexibility.

One of the many advantages of the solid Bamboo, other than its beautiful look and feel, is that it can go up to 4 meters in length in one piece, but this isn’t usually practical due to the weight.


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Bespoke Disk Table installation in Manchester

Images of our bespoke Disk Tables from a recent canteen installation for a new office in Manchester.

Our Disk Tables, usually round, were manufactured specifically for the client who requested the tables to have 5 different sides with 5 different length edges.

The legs are powder-coated in RAL 9005 jet black and the surface had chamfered edges which were lacquered birch ply, whilst the surface itself was arctic white Polyrey.

It’s another example of us collaborating with architects to provide the client with bespoke items which specifically fit in within their schemes.

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New product – Mobile Bench

Light, manageable and practical the Mobile Bench aids furniture solutions for both outside and inside spaces. Created for making more seating in flexible workspaces, the Mobile Bench adds mobility with it’s heavy-duty breaking castors whilst adding colour to any environment.

Available in one standard size, the bench can be manufactured to non standard sizes on request. It also has the option of adding seat pads for extra comfort which can be designed and fabricated for outside and inside purposes.

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Club Table and Bench delivered to London showroom

Images from a recent installation of our Club Table and Benches which were successfully delivered to a showroom in London. The Club Table was one of our standard sized 3000 x 700 x 750mm h and had a 40mm thick natural bamboo surface. The legs were powder-coated in RAL 9010 pure white and really enhanced the beautiful bamboo surface.

The Club Benches were 2600 x 350 x 450mm h and had the same specification as the Club Table.

One of the many great features of the bamboo is that is can be ordered as a one piece surface up to 4000mm long and still remains extremely strong and durable.

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